Stitch a-long/crochet a-long

These are where, in this case, The Crochet Crowd, has a project that is released in sections. If it's current in real time, they release a section at a time. This one I found was released in 2017, so all sections are available now.
This is called Mystery Crochet Along. It was released in 'Clues'.
I did Clue 1 yesterday. The next part is with yarn that is arriving on Monday.

Video tutorial

Breaking all the Rules!!

one_raido asked about latest projects and I admitted that mine is not crochet but knitting so wanted details anyway so that's how this knitting got into A Crochet Place!

I bought cheap yarn at Michaels. It's soft but not colors I love but it was cheap and that's what I wanted for this sweater. It's one of those patterns that is either going to be a dream to do or a nightmare and if the ladder, I didn't want to blow a wad on yarn. I only crochet with DK and this pattern wants worsted so it's not even yarn I would reuse on another project. I got Caron's Baby Cakes yarn.

The pattern, as it turns out if enchanting!! I'd much rather sew than crochet but I just love this sweater and this is a great pattern to knit.


It's knit from the top of the collar down - the fronts are garter stitch with a lovely edge that is made as you go. The back and sleeves are stockingette. The sleeves are knit in the round so there is precious little seeming which is about as much as I can stand.

This is what I have so far. (The green is a temporary cast on. It will be replaced with an i-cord edge.)


Starry Sky blanket

Hey all,

What are you working on? Or finished?

I finished this yesterday. The joining of panels didn't go as well, but I learned how to 'carry over' yarn with this project and as usual, was much easier than I thought it would be.

I've already started another one, only this time doing the three panels as one, so I can just keep going. It's working so far.

Project au courant


I started this a while back and picked it up this weekend and am enjoying it again.

It's a great pattern by by Not Your Average Crochet and it's free. I'm using Stylecraft Special DK and a 5.0mm hook but, of course any old scraps of yarn will work! It's repeats of 24 stitches. For reasons that I cannot now remember, mine is 168.

Anybody want to join me in this?

Mikey is going to do Patons Crochet Sampler tutorials. It's a pattern I've had in my to-do file. He's going to release the tutorials at his own pace, so it's not a typical stitch along.

The videos will be posted here. He's already done one that tells you about it.

And this is a link to the pattern

Yarnspirations doesn't have the aran color, so I got my yarn here. It was also cheaper. While I do a lot of patterns from Yarnspirations, I am not a fan of them for ordering yarn. They never seem to have what you need for the project.

No worries if you don't want to do this, I just got really excited when I saw it was of something I already wanted to make. 
purple peace

Finished one and a sneak peak at the next project

I finished the baby blanket. I did not use the rest of the yarn as it was big enough. I'll add it to my ever growing stash, eh? Just when you work that stach down . . .

Link to the finished blanket on my IG

This is the link to the new pattern. Baby Log Cabin blanket. It's pretty easy. I'm having my usual uneven sides, but this goes round and round, so I think it will be okay. I'm using the Red Heart Super Saver yarn I got for a different project, but the more I looked at that one, the less I liked it. RHSS isn't that soft for a baby blanket, but whatcha gonna do.
Sun in shades

Oh man, I'm done

This is a first for me. This sampler squares I was doing. Four motifs. The first motif was fairly easy and then they started getting harder. I got to this fourth motif, did about six rows and this morning I'm thinking, I am just not liking this. So I'm switching gears. I'm going to make a baby blanket using the first motif pattern. I really like the way it looks, so that's that.

It felt like slogging through a book you don't like, but are too stubborn to stop reading because you started it. I don't do that anymore, either.

Crochet is supposed to be enjoyable, eh?